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Missions should be an important part of every Christian’s life.  We are not put on Earth to walk through life without helping or impacting others.  The missions we support are having a direct impact on people’s life on Earth and on their eternal life.  Occasionally, there are certain projects that impact a particular person or family that we as a church endorse and support. Here are some of the current missions and projects we are asking people to support. Any help you can give them will be appreciated. Whether you can help or not, please pray for the missions listed below.

God loves you and so do we.

Missionaries that The Crossing supports:

Jacob and Rachel Adesina – Nigeria

adesina-2016The Crossing has known them for a couple years.  We raised money for them to dig a well so that the people in Nigeria would have access to clean drinking water.  We affectionately referred to this as “Jacob’s Well.”

For more info, click here.

Tom and Toni Anderson – Belgium

imageIn the Northern part of Belgium, where they speak Dutch, Tom and Toni Anderson are missionaries in Flemish, Belgium.  They have been since 2003.  Belgium is, of course, famous for the Chocolate, Horses, Waffles, Lace, and Fries (which are not from France!).  Less than 1/2 of 1% even claim to be saved.  Even though it is a predominately Catholic country, very few even bother to go to church and most don’t believe in anything.

You can read more about them and their church in Belgium by going here.

Gearhead Ministries, Junior Courtois – Springfield, MO

imageFor more info, click here.




George and Louisa Dimakos – Greece

To follow their Facebook page, click here.


Roy and Anna Hendrickson – Whitby, England

Roy HendricksonRoy and Anna were approved as BBFI missionaries in 1992 after graduating from Baptist Bible College and completing a two-year internship at Grace Baptist Temple, Bloomington, Indiana. They arrived in England on July 4, 1995, and have lived in Coventry for 20 years.  They have three children and eight grandchildren.

They are in Middleton near Pickering, North Yorkshire.  They had envisioned working in Whitby, but God had other plans.  After meeting another pastor and praying for God’s direction, they now plan to start a work in Middleton.  God is definitely working in England!

Steve and Pam Workman – Botswana

Workman Missionaries 07.2016

Steve & Pam Workman have been BBFI missionaries to Botswana since August 2002.  They both graduated from Baptist Bible College, here in Springfield.  They served their internship at Central Baptist Church in Gainesville, Texas.  Steve and Pam have one daughter and two sons.



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