2017 Sermons

All sermons are by Pastor David unless otherwise indicated.

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January 1 – “Wisdom in Choices”, Wayne Nale (about 34 minutes)Listening Ear

January 8 – “Choices” (about 35 minutes) Listening Ear

January 15 – “Let’s Make a Deal” (about 34 minutes) Listening Ear

January 22 – “Ministry Continues”, Rev. Harvey Goodman  (about 44 minutes) Listening Ear Note: Rev. Goodman & his wife, Linda, have a retreat in Branson for pastor & missionary couples.  Visit their website here.

January 29 – “My Attitude, My Choice” (about 34 minutes) Listening Ear

February 5 – “Birds of a Feather Flock Together” (about 36 minutes) Listening Ear

February 12 – “Turn the Heart”, Wayne Smith  (about 36 minutes) Listening Ear Note: Wayne and his wife, Pat, have a ministry out of Branson called Turn the Heart Ministries.  For more information about them and their ministry, go here.

March 5 – “I don’t feel like reading my Bible” (about 33 minutes) Listening Ear

March 12 – “Choosing to be involved with our kids” (about 37 minutes) Listening Ear

March 19 – “Choosing to do our best” (about 33 minutes) Listening Ear

March 26 – “Disciple Making”, Randy Shuler (about 48 minutes) Listening Ear

April 2 – “The Greatest Commandment”, Mike Pratt, Executive Pastor (about 10 minutes) Listening Ear

April 9 – “Looking at an old family picture album” (about 20 minutes) Listening Ear

April 16 – “The story does not end here” (about 27 minutes) Listening Ear

April 23 – “Raising Godly Children”, Mike Cotter (about 40 minutes)Listening Ear

April 30 – “The Beatitudes of Marriage, part 1″, Mike Cotter (about 45 minutes) Listening Ear

May 7 – “The Beatitudes of Marriage, part 2”, Mike Cotter  (about 30 minutes) Listening Ear

May 14 – “Happy Mother’s Day”, Mike Cotter (about 32 minutes) Listening Ear

May 21 – “I Am the Resurrection”, Garland Bellomy (about 37 minutes) Listening Ear

May 28 – “Fighting the Good Battle”, Mike Pratt (about 22 minutes)Listening Ear

June 4 – “Stressed Up”, Robert Suliin, June 4 (about 36 minutes) Listening Ear

June 18 – “David: The Making of a Man’, June 18, Jeff Bucklew (about 42 minutes) Listening Ear

June 25 – “David: The Making of a Man”, June 25, Richard Ducker (about 21 minutes) Listening Ear

July 9 – “Just a few reminders”, Jeff Garrison  (about 28 minutes) Listening Ear

July 16 – “Oh my, I didn’t realize the time”, Mike Cotter (about 36 minutes) Listening Ear

July 23 – “Is America Blessed?”,Mike Pratt (about 20 minutes) Listening Ear

August 6 – “It’s a Two-Way Street, Part 1″  (about 40 minutes)Listening Ear

August 13 –It’s a Two-Way Street, Part 2″ (about 33 minutes)Listening Ear

August 27 – “Story of the Burning Mouth”, Leslie Landwehr, Children’s Director (about 20 minutes)Listening Ear

Note: The next 4 sermons are part of a series that begins with a short skit.  See the 9 minute video here.
September 3 – “Pick up the phone” (about 40 minutes) Listening Ear

September 10 – “Can You Hear Me Now?” (about 39 minutes) Listening Ear

September 17 – “The Harvest is Plentiful”, Mike Cotter (about 47 minutes)Listening Ear

September 24 – “You Have a Long Distance Call Waiting” (about 32 minutes)Listening Ear

October 1 – “Missions and Me: How I can be personally involved”, Bob Sharp, October 1, (about 44 minutes) Listening Ear

October 8 – “Giving to Faith Promise”, Josh Lane (about 29 minutes) Listening Ear

October 15 – “How big is your God?”, Mike Cotter (about 40 minutes) Listening Ear

October 22 – “I think I’ll take a knee and maybe do a little more!” (about 35 minutes) Listening Ear

October 29 – “May I Have This Dance?” (about 32 minutes) Listening Ear

November 5 – “Come to the Altar”, Mike Cotter (about 47 minutes) Listening Ear

November 12 – “There is No Spiritual Switzerland” (about 30 minutes) Listening Ear

November 19 – “Who is on Stage?” (about 22 minutes) 

Listening Ear

December 3 – “Word of God, Speak to Me” (about 23 minutes) Listening Ear

December 10 – “What Did the Star Mean to the Wise Men?”(about 25 minutes) Listening Ear

December 17 – “What the Star Meant to the Shepherds”, Mike Cotter (about 32 minutes) Listening Ear

December 24 – “What Did the Star Mean to Mary & Joseph?”, Mike Cotter (about 19 minutes) Listening Ear

December 31 – “How’s Your Faith?”, Tim Landwehr (about 32 minutes) Listening Ear