2014 Sermons

All sermons are by Pastor David unless otherwise indicated.

To request a sermon on CD, please contact Tim at media@thecrossingspringfield.org.  Please be sure to include the date of the sermon with your request.

“And Now the Rest of the Story” December 28, 2014 Mike Pratt ?attachment_id=887 (about 13 minutes)

“Lessons from the Christmas Story” , 2014.12.21 (about 17 minutes)

Looking for the Messiah”, 2014.12.14 (about 5 minutes)

“When Things Don’t Go as Planned”, 2014.12.07 (about 24 minutes)

“Unmasking”, November 30, 2014 Wayne Nale Part 1 ?attachment_id=898 (about 33 minutes), Part 2 ?attachment_id=897 (about 4 minutes)  NOTE: The sermon this week was recorded in 2 parts

“Taking God Seriously: Entrusted”, 2014.11.16 (about 32 minutes)

“Taking God Seriously: Why Do Some People Get It and Others Don’t?”2014.11.09 (about 31 minutes)

Sermons from October 26 and November 2 are not available online.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

“The Standard”, Pastor Dan Parker2014.10.19 Dan (about 18 minutes)

How to Respond to Skeptics”2014.10.12 (about 30 minutes)

“Is Our Faith Blind?”2014.09.28 (about 36 minutes)

“If God is not dead, where is He when life falls apart?”2014.09.21 (about 25 minutes)

“Grace Flows Down”2014.09.14 (about 16 minutes)

“Why do some people get it while others have no clue?”, 2014.09.07 (about 28 minutes)

“Even Motel 6 won’t leave the light on for you”2014.08.31 (about 30 minutes)

“Are You Hungry for Revival?”2014.08.24 Part 1 (about 41 minutes), 2014.08.24 Part 2 (about 7 minutes)  NOTE: The sermon this week was recorded in 2 parts

“God’s Gift to You is Salvation”, Garland Bellamy, 2014.08.17 Garland Bellamy (about 29 minutes)

“It’s Broken & I Can’t Fix It”, 2014.08.10 (about 34 minutes)

One in the Son”, Robert Suliin, 2014.08.03 Robert Suliin.Part 1 (about 39 minutes), 2014.08.03 Robert Suliin.Part 2 (about 9 minutes)  NOTE: The sermon this week was recorded in 2 parts

“Who Me?”, Jeff Bucklew, 2014.07.27-Jeff Bucklew.Part 1 (about  30 minutes), 2014.07.27-Jeff Bucklew.Part 2 (about 4 minutes)  NOTE: The sermon this week was recorded in 2 parts

“I Wish It Were That Real”2014.07.20 (about 30 minutes)

“Everyday Heroes”, Wayne Nale, 2014.07.13 Wayne Nale.Part 1 (about 37 minutes)2014.07.13 Wayne Nale.Part 2 (about 3 minutes)

“Be an Encouragement”, Tim Landwehr, 2014.07.06 Tim Landwehr (about 26 minutes)

“Hearing God Speak”, Mike Pratt, 2014.06.29 Mike Pratt (about 30 minutes)

“Express Church”Justin Chapman, 2014.06.22-Justin 1 (about 33 minutes), 2014.06.22-Justin 2 (about 15 minutes)  NOTES:  The sermon this week was recorded in 2 parts.  Justin also spoke during Life Group time.  Only part of this talk got recorded, 2014.06.22-Justin in Life Group (about 24 minutes)

“If I Could Do It Over”, A sermon for Father’s Day, 2014.06.15 (about 37 minutes)

“Designed for a Purpose”, Scott Smallwood, 2014.06.08-Scott-Part 1 (about 41 minutes), 2014.06.08-Scott-Part 2 (about 25 minutes)   NOTE: The sermon this week was recorded in 2 parts

“Doing & Being Something Different”, Pastor Dan Parker, 2014.06.01-Pastor.Dan-Part 1 (about 29 minutes), 2014.06.01-Pastor.Dan-Part 2 (about 31 minutes)  NOTE: The sermon this week was recorded in 2 parts

“The Kids Get It – Do We?”2014.05.25-Part 1 (about 28 minutes), 2014.05.25-Part 2 (about 11 minutes)  NOTE: The sermon this week was recorded in 2 parts

Your Spiritual Life Impacts Your Physical Life, 2014.05.18 (about 29 minutes)

The Power of a Mother2014.05.11-Part 1 (about 19 minutes), 2014.05.11-Part 2 (about 20 minutes)  NOTE: The sermon this week was recorded in 2 parts.

Life with a Spiritual Purpose, 2014.05.04-Bob Sutton (about 27 minutes), special guest Bob Sutton preached

A Passion for a Missional Mindset2014.04.27 (about 40 minutes)

Dead – Not Dead2014.04.20 (about 28 minutes)

A Passion for Prayer, 2014.03.30 (about 34 minutes)

Just How Powerful is He?, 2014.03.23-Part 1 (about 23 minutes), 2014.03.23-Part 2 (Part 2 is Pastor Wayne-about 7 minutes), 2014.03.23-Part 3 (about 3 minutes)   NOTE: The sermon this week was recorded in 3 parts

What if this were your last day on earth?, 2014.03.16  NOTE: This sermon is only available online via computer.  The recording is not compatible with smartphones & tablets.

David Pearson, 2014.03.09-David.Pearson-Part 1 (about 21 minutes), 2014.03.09-David.Pearson-Part 2 (about 17 minutes), Guest Speaker from The Journey church in Pennsylvania  NOTE: The sermon this week was recorded in 2 parts.

The Gideons International”, Dan Derryberry from The Gideons spoke, 2014.02.23-Gideons (about 37 minutes)

“Climbing Out of the BLACK HOLE2014.02.09

“Biblical Principles of Finances”2014.02.02

“The Facts on Finances”, 2014.01.26

“This Year Will Be Different”, 2014.01.12-Pastor Dan-Part 1, 2014.01.12-Pastor Dan-Part 2  NOTE: The sermon this week was recorded in 2 parts


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