“Names of God” series

Lessons by Pastor David unless otherwise indicated.

If you have any technical issues regarding the lesson links below, or to request a lesson on CD, please contact Tim here. Please be sure to include the date of the lesson with your request.


“Names of God: part 1”,  October 8, with Connie Garrison (lesson not recorded)

“Names of God: part 2, Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”, October 15 (about 40 minutes)Listening Ear

“Names of God: Elohim”, October 22, (about 41 minutes)Listening Ear

“Names of God: Jehovah”, October 27, Robert Suliin, (about 38 minutes)Listening Ear

“Names of God: The Father”, November 5, Connie Garrison (about 35 minutes)Listening Ear
“Names of God: El Roi”, November 12, Bruce Blanchard (about 29 minutes) Listening Ear
“Names of God: Adonai”, November 19, Connie Garrison (about 36 minutes) 
Listening Ear

“Names of God: Jehovah Jireh”, December 3, Tim Landwehr (about 7 minutes)Listening Ear