2017 Lessons

Lessons taught by Pastor David unless otherwise indicated

If you have any technical issues regarding the lesson links below, or to request a lesson on CD, please contact Tim here. Please be sure to include the date of the lesson with your request.

“Samson”, January 8 (about 30 minutes)  Listening Ear

“Samson, part 2”, January 15 (about 30 minutes)  Listening Ear

“Samson, part 3″, January 29 (about 36 minutes) Listening Ear

“Samson, part 4: Daddy Issues”, February 12, led by Jeff Bucklew (about 26 minutes) Listening Ear

“Samson, part 5: To Tell the Truth”, March 5, led by Connie Garrison (about 29 minutes) Listening Ear

“Samson, part 6: White Lies”, March 12, led by Connie Garrison (about 25 minutes) Listening Ear

“Samson, part 7: Controlling your anger”, March 19, led by Connie Garrison (about 32 minutes) Listening Ear

“Disciple Making”, March 26, Randy Shuler (about 48 minutes)Listening Ear

“Samson, part 8: Controlling your anger, part 2”, April 2, led by Connie Garrison (about 35 minutes) Listening Ear

“Samson, part 9”, April 23, led by Connie Garrison (about 22 minutes) Listening Ear

“Samson, part 10: How to control your sex drive”, April 30, led by Connie Garrison (about 36 minutes) Listening Ear

“Samson, part 11”, May 7, led by Connie Garrison (about 40 minutes) Listening Ear

“Mothers”, May 14, Connie Garrison (about 38 minutes)Listening Ear

“Samson, part 12”, May 28, led by Connie Garrison (about 34 minutes) Listening Ear

“Samson, part 13”, June 4, led by Connie Garrison (about 35 minutes) Listening Ear

“Colossians, part 2”, July 9, Mike Cotter (about 48 minutes)Listening Ear

“Colossians, part 3”, July 16, Mike Cotter (about 52 minutes)Listening Ear

“Colossians, part 4”, July 30, Mike Cotter (about 44 minutes)Listening Ear

“Walk Like an Egyptian, part 1”, August 27, Mike Cotter (about 49 minutes)Listening Ear

“City Reach”, September 3, Mike Cotter (about 25 minutes)Listening Ear

“Signs”, September 10 (about 38 minutes)Listening Ear

“Walk Like an Egyptian, part 2”, September 17, led by Mike Cotter (about 42 minutes)Listening Ear

“God has a Promised Land for Us”, September 24 (about 38 minutes)Listening Ear

“Names of God: part 1”,  October 8, with Connie Garrison (lesson not recorded)

“Names of God: part 2, Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”, October 15 (about 40 minutes)Listening Ear

“Names of God: Elohim”, October 22, (about 41 minutes)Listening Ear

“Names of God: Jehovah”, October 27, Robert Suliin, (about 38 minutes)Listening Ear

“Names of God: The Father”, November 5, Connie Garrison (about 35 minutes)Listening Ear
“Names of God: El Roi”, November 12, Bruce Blanchard (about 29 minutes) Listening Ear
“Names of God: Adonai”, November 19, Connie Garrison (about 36 minutes) Listening Ear

“Names of God: Jehovah Jireh”, December 3, Tim Landwehr (about 7 minutes)Listening Ear

“Names of God: Emmanuel”, December 10, Connie Garrison (about 28 minutes)Listening Ear